G’day there,

I have known Shane Ridley and his business OTrain now for around 8 years. I actually interviewed him as a potential member of my Board of Advisors for my business, but what I have received from Shane professionally has been far more valuable. I find that Shane is a one stop shop when it comes to business advice and referrals. He is always learning and improving himself, and more than happy to pass on his own experiences around business and life in general.

Specifically, my businesses have used Shanes services for the following services:

  • professional business management advice
  • creation of staff inductions and online training
  • marketing and social media development
  • creation of training and marketing videos and;
  • general business advice. 

All invaluable and I am pleased to say that Proterra Group remains a current OTrain customer and I’ve come to see Shane as one of my valued Consultants and Mentors.  Should you require any advice or are just looking for a referral, I can’t talk highly enough of Shanes own experiences and business connections. 

Before you reach out I’d be more than happy to give you a more detailed run down of my own business experiences with Shane, and provide some advice on how I think Shanes skills and experience may best assist you in your own business.  Best contact details are mobile 0488 715 700 or email sean.rice@proterragroup.com.au